His name means “The LORD is my God.” The walk of Elijah matched his name. It still does today. Not only can we read about him in the Old and New Testament but we can see his influence today. His name? Elijah.

So who was Elijah? Why did his life mean so much? What about him and his walk with the Lord make him an example for Harvest International Ministries? How did he show his faith through his life? And how can we be more like Elijah?

Elijah walked, talked, and encouraged others to believe that truly the Lord was God—He was God’s ultimate cheerleader.

He prayed fervently and encouraging all to prayer and to be a warrior, to know the LORD is God through prayer.

Elijah was a Man Who Experienced God’s Blessings and Provisions

He drank in God’s promises and found his needs quenched by the Almighty’s hand. Find a beautiful example here: 1 Kings 17:1-6

God’s provision can be seen over and over in Elijah.

These examples and others can easily turn our eyes toward our Father’s love, healing, wisdom, and grace.

It is in inspiration of Elijah that Harvest International Missions seeks to bring God’s Word, love, provision, and prayer to our brothers and sisters wherever we can.